Bee's Wrap Food Wrap

£ 12.46

Bees Wrap is the increasingly popular eco-friendly alternative to cling film and other wasteful food wraps. Made from organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. The wraps warm in your hands making them more pliable and hold their form once in place. Use to store part-used fruit and veg, wrap sandwiches and loaves of bread. 

The sandwich wraps come with string attached and a button toggle to hold the folded sides around the sandwich. It makes your sandwiches rather cute!


Bees Wrap products are reusable, biodegradable, and compostable. At the end of your wrap’s useful life in the kitchen, cut the wrap into strips to add to your compost heap, or wrap them around pieces of kindling and use as a natural and effective fire starter!


Small: 17.5 x 20cm
Medium: 25 x 28cm
Large: 33 x 35cm
Bread: 43 x 58cm
Sandwich: 33 x 33cm

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